Flower Cards By Post

A flowercard is a great alternative to traditional fresh bouquet delivery. Send a flower card by post today and surprise someone special to a floral gift they’ll love!

Stunning Flower Cards by Post...

View more stunning flower cards by post here> Superb alternatives to Waitrose Flower Delivery, M&S Flowers, or Next Flowers UK. For nearly 20 years Flowercard.co.uk have been designing and creating a range of stunning and unique cards and floral gifts for all occasions from birthdays to anniversaries and everything in between.…

The Magic of Flowercards - A Blooming Love Note That Speaks Volumes!

Imagine a birthday, anniversary, or a simple “just because” moment being made extra special with a unique gift that brings together the timeless beauty of flowers and the personal touch of a heartfelt note. Enter “Flowercards” by Flowercard.co.uk. It’s not just a card, and not just a bouquet—it’s the best of both worlds!

The Enchanting World of Flower Cards

Flower cards by post are beautifully designed mini bouquets cleverly ensconced in an artistically crafted card. An innovative idea that has turned heads and melted hearts, these ‘cards with a bloom’ are your go-to when you want to send something more personal, more emotive than a traditional gift.

Whether you’re looking for a unique birthday gift, a touching Mother’s Day present, or a romantic Valentine’s Day surprise, Flowercards hit the sweet spot every time. They’re a testament to the phrase, ‘great things come in small packages’!

Buying Flowercards Online: As Easy As A Click

With the ease of online shopping, you can now buy Flowercards online without leaving the comfort of your home. Browse through an array of designs, each more captivating than the last, and pick the one that best expresses your sentiment. Simply head to Flowercard.co.uk, choose your bloom-filled card, write a personal message (and we all know that the charm is in the personalisation), and voila! Your order is ready.

What’s more, Flowercard’s delivery service ensures your card arrives at your (or your loved one’s) doorstep right on time. You can even seek out a Flowercard discount code to make your purchase even sweeter!

Flowercards for Special Occasions: Making Moments Memorable

From wedding Flowercards that encapsulate the joy and love of the big day, to sympathy Flowercards that offer comfort and support, the range of uses is only limited by your imagination. And don’t forget anniversaries! An anniversary Flowercard delivers a delicate bouquet and a heartfelt note that sings, ‘I’d choose you all over again’.

Flowercards: The Reviews Say It All

If you’re still on the fence, just look at the reviews. Customers rave about the quality, the service, and the joy that a simple Flowercard brings. It’s a truly unique concept that combines the love of flowers with the sentiment of a personal message.

Flowercard Reviews...

“Flower cards are a really lovely way to send a message! The last one was to a neice who had just lost her husband. I felt my message in the lovely card would show that I was praying for her and sending my love.” – Mrs C Taylor

“The flower card is an unusual and colourful gift. It arrived on time and the recipient was delighted. Job done!”

“I only ever use Flower cards now as my go-to surprise gift to someone special. Fresh, vibrant & can be used for any event” – Mrs S Lawson

“I bought these for a friend who was amazed how beautiful they were, the flowers were fresh and gorgeous colours,on receiving a photo from her I have to agree and would use again” – Mrs M Cheese

“My Mum was so surprised – the flowers were beautiful – something so reasonably priced makes some smile in lockdown is priceless” – Mrs A Lawrence

“First rate service from Flowercard, this was a birthday card for a cousin who was over the moon with it, and stayed alive and vibrant for over 2 weeks.

Brilliant Flowercard, second time used and will definitely recommend and use again.”


So, whether you’re looking to buy Flowercards online, or are seeking inspiration for your own DIY Flowercard project, remember – every card is a chance to say something special. With Flowercards, you can deliver your message in the most beautiful way possible – with the timeless language of flowers.

Now, isn’t that a blooming wonderful idea?

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